Friday, June 17, 2011


Okay so my day was mostly uneventful, which I have to say "I love it that way". Anyway, I'm doing some work in the schoolroom and I hear the plunger being used in the bathroom. I'm thinking okay maybe it's just acting up, no biggie. I walk in to make sure everything is okay, when James tells me "momma I flushed the apple down the toilet". I'm like "what!!!!" in my mind. I keep repeating in my head "stay calm". I look at him and he looks really upset about the whole thing. I can imagine what he's thinking "why did I do it? What's going to happen? Am I going to get into trouble?" I look at him and ask "why did you do that?". "I don't know? I thought it'd flush." He replies. Well since it's bedtime I just sent him to bed. I mean he already knows he made the wrong choice, so I'm not going to yell at him or punish him. Yes I'm upset. An apple is stuck in my toilet and I don't have anything to get the stupid thing out with. AAAHHHHH! So as most of my day was highly uneventful it ended with a little drama. :P That's life for ya. No matter how you think you are in control, sometimes you're not. That's okay though. What defines you is how you react in those given situations. Do you act like a mad woman that should be seen in a psych ward then out here in the world, a laid back ah who cares attitude person, someone that hides their head in the sand hoping it'll pass, or someone that charges head on through the turmoil and rises above the given situation? I'd like to think I do the later, and most of the time at least, I do. Other times since yes I am human, I sometimes feel like the mad woman. In those times I like to just close myself away long enough to restore balance and calm, so I'm not screeching around like a loon.

Sarah Meadows

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