Saturday, June 4, 2011

Here's some advertising which we won't do much of.

Hey it's the first official post of this blog if you subtract what I (Sarah) wrote the other day. So I'm going to advertise both of our books.  One is a wonderful children's book talking about how Dominic went through some mishaps as he learned to tie his shoes.  My DS loves reading it and not because memaw wrote but because he really likes it.  Then there is my book.  It's a book that shows what I went through but funny and not so funny on learning how to understand the Law of Attraction.  As a Christian it helped me to understand how to present things to the Lord and most likely get the reply I'd like.  I know he's not a magic genie, but look when you're in the store with your child do you tend to respond better to your child when he/she asks politely in a non whiny tone that they want a piece of candy?  A lot of times that's how the Lord sees us.  Well I tell you how I got, my house, my car, my wonderful son, a loving husband and more.  So here's the book links :)

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