Saturday, June 18, 2011

Dominic & Sariah Manifest A Backyard Playset!

Dominic and Sariah decided they wanted a backyard playset. There was no way that we could get them one because of our limited finances.
   I had once told Dominic that whenever he needed something no matter what it was he could go to Jesus so Dominic went to Jesus. He asked for a playset. Then he let it go.
A few days later our neighbor was talking to my son and happened to mention he was getting rid of their playset because his kids had grown and the grandkids didn’t use it.
When my son asked if he would be willing to sell the playset the neighbor stated that if he wanted to take the playset down he could have it at no cost.
So with the help of my oldest grandson the kids’ uncle put the play set up in our backyard. As you can see the kids are playing and loving it.
Dominic found the key to manifesting his world: askforget it (. . . give it to God, the universe, spirit), and receive.
You may be asking yourself where Sariah fits into all of this.  She was in agreement with Dominic!